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2020 - 2021 Grants

The USREF Grant Program's objective is to promote creativity and excellence in the Upper Saddle River Schools by supporting and enhancing the curriculum of Pre K-8th grades while benefiting the broadest number of children.  

The teacher-authored grant application process takes place in the fall.  Teachers submit grant applications to their principals, and each school's grant package is compiled and forwarded to the superintendent for final submission to the USREF Grant Committee.  The budget for approved grants is established ahead of the Grant Committee decision, and is based on the success of fundraising at the spring Gala, major investment goals, and anticipated operating expenses.  


The grant applications are researched by the committee, and the approved grants are announced at the December Board of Education meeting so that the grant projects can be implemented during the second half of the school year.  There is an opportunity in the spring for teachers to submit grant requests that need earlier funding for fall and requests for recurring grant funding.

Congratulations to USREF 2020 - 2021 Grant Recipients

  • Cindy Santos: Artist Visit with Michael Albert

  • Susan Jarvis: Tom Chapin Virtual Concert

  • Jillian Menendez & Laura Pinto: TeachTown Program

  • Cayla Casey: Zoom Assembly on Bird Adaptations & Weather Assembly with Meteorologist

  • Bogert: Kahoot Premium Subscription

  • Erlinda Capollari: Flamenco Assembly

  • James McCusker: Leo Club

  • Marc Aronson: Author in Residence Catherine Teehan

  • Danielle Dorn & Noelle Vosseler: Engineers Teaching Algebra

USREF 2019 Fall Grant Recipient Presentation

TeachTown Program

Artist Visit with Michael Albert

Tom Chapin Virtual Concert

Bird Adaptations Online Assembly

John Marshall Online Assembly and Weather Station

Flamenco Online Assembly

Kahoot Premium Plus Subscription

Leo Club

Engineers Teaching Algebra

Marc Aronson, Author in Residence

2019 Fall Grants

Brain Break Boulevard

Recess Buddies

Sensory and Fine Motor Bins

Beekeeper Assembly

Core Yoga for Youth

(Jointly funded with USR PTO and SRV Junior Woman's Club)

Calming Tool Kits for the Classroom

Engineers Teaching Algebra

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