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Cavallini and Bogert Library/Media Center Redesign Project

In partnership with the Upper Saddle River Board of Education, USREF has begun a multiple-year project to renovate and convert the Cavallini and Bogert libraries into 21st-Century Learning Commons.  These Learning Commons will provide the school community with learning hubs that encourage exploration, creation, and collaboration between students and educators in comfortable, modern environments. 

The renovation project for Cavallini Middle School, scheduled to open at the start of the 2020-2021 school year.  The project will transform the current library space into a modern Learning Commons.  With new, flexible and multi-functional furniture, adjustable meeting spaces and comfortable reading areas, the Learning Commons will serve our students well into the future.  

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Please consider donating to this project through USREF Partners in Education.  The Partnership Form can be completed online here.  

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