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Announcing USREF Napa Valley "Virtual" Wine Tasting

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Support the future of our children's education by indulging in a little adult fun 🍷

As you know the unprecedented Covid-19 crisis led to our cancellation of the 2020 Town Night Out event, so in lieu of that, we at USREF have decided to host a Napa Valley "Virtual" Wine Tasting event series to bring our supporters together and continue our mission of investing in the future of our school district.

This event will introduce you to amazing wines from vineyards that are off the main strip in Napa and originate from small batch wine producers that generally don't get shelf space in Total Wine or your local wine store. The event hosts from K Laz Wine Collection are truly engaging and informative on all things wine and we are confident you will find tremendous value and fun in the wine education they will impart.

Additional details available below:

We encourage ticket holders of the 2020 Town Night Out Gala to convert their tickets for this event. Gala attendees can act on this offer by responding to the survey that was shared via email, which is also available here.

In addition, we are also opening this up for the general public for those who are interested in participating in this exciting event. Please fill out this form and use the PayPal button below to pay to attend.

We look forward to seeing you soon... Cheers!

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